Monday, March 7, 2011

Is Purple the new Pink?

There always seems to be a trend with wedding colors. When I first started Island Bliss Weddings, the hot colors seemed to be pink and green. Green slowly faded out and orange replaced it - with pink & orange being BFFs. But lately, there has slowly been a rising number of brides requesting purples. All purple or purple & green (I wonder how purple & orange would look together and how pink would feel about that??). We had two weddings last week where the brides chose purples for their bouquet and I have to say, I was blown away by how beautiful they were. I discovered that I really love purple flowers...and that I could take pictures of bouquets all day. Unlike my children who never look at the camera when I tell them to, these bouquets were fun little models for me!

The middle bouquet was just breathtaking. The way the florist had arranged it, it looked different from each angle:

LOVED IT. Those dark purple flowers? Parrot tulips. I'm a Dutch girl, and anything tulip is part of my "favorite things" collection. I hesitated about highlighting those tulips on the blog though, as I'm worried I'll get a lot of requests for tulips. They really don't do so well here - I've actually seen them "bloom out" of a bouquet - weirdly, they poke their little heads up higher and higher than the rest of the bouquet. They are mainly grown in Holland and Michigan (Holland, Michigan probably!) so you can imagine that they like cooler temps. But I have to say, even though I put them in the high risk category for flowers, they totally rocked this bouquet.


Miche said...

Apparently I'm a trendsetter :) Our 4th anniversary is Thursday and we did purple and green!

And we are still on your website :)

Kim said...

I had no idea purple and green has gotten so popular! That is what we are planning for too :) Thanks for the beautiful inspiration- and I promise not to insist on tulips!!

Nicole said...

Hah, that's exactly what happened to the tulips in my bouquet. I left them in a glass of water for the rest of our honeymoon, and they grew 2-3 inches higher than the rest of the flowers. They did look beautiful on our wedding day though. :)