Saturday, November 30, 2013

Missing us?!

We did move! Check out the new blog here:

Wednesday, October 23, 2013

We're Back!

We're back from a very fun trip to Ireland - it was great taking some time off but we're now back to work!

Have you checked out our new website at We're going to start using the blog over there now. I'm sad to say goodbye to the Blogspot blog - it's been fun and easy to use. But definitely come check out us here!

Friday, October 4, 2013

We are on VACATION!!

If you are trying to reach us by phone from October 4th to the's not going to happen. :) We are officially on vacation but don't fret, we will still be checking emails daily, as long as we have internet connection. Phone messages will be returned October 22nd. If you need to reach us sooner, please email. It may be a day or two or three before we can get back to you, but we definitely will.

Off we go!

Something NEW!

Have you noticed the new website?!?!?! EEEKKKK!!! So excited that it launched last night!!

Click here to see it!

(If you still see the old site, you may need to refresh your page as the old site may be cached on your computer.)

What else is new? The packages!! If you are already booked with Island Bliss Weddings, you do not need to choose a new package. You do have your choice of keeping your package or switching to a new one.

The site still needs to be tweaked a bit - I'm going to add more albums to our gallery page for example (our Shutterfly page will remain active for now). It may take some time for our gallery page to be complete, as there is a lot to add! I'll also be adding additional information added on the new items such as the Island Bliss Wedding gift bag and rum cakes. I also haven't figured out yet how to updated the blog in the website so that it matches the content here. Learning new tricks...I've never been good at it. It's why I still have the iPhone4. :)

I'd love some feedback on the new site! What do you think of the new designs?!

And just because I hate posts without photos...

Wednesday, October 2, 2013

September Re-Cap!

It's that time again - recaps!! I love doing the monthly re-cap and sharing some of my favorite photos from the past months weddings. Please keep in mind that I do not have photos from each wedding so if you were married in September and do not see a photo from your event, its just because I don't have any to share! Feel free to email me your favorites and I'd love to do a blog post on you!

The water at Lindquist Beach (above and below) has been soooooo blue lately.

It only took about 30 times to get them all jumping at the same time! :) 

Gorgeous morning light at Hawksnest Beach, St. John

 One of my favorite parts of my job is checking out all the rings! I love jewelry.

Everyone loves our palm trees. These at Lindquist Beach are tall & majestic!

This bride made her own boutonnieres and you know I love it when my brides incorporate my seahorses!

 Don't you LOVE our new sign?! I posted a photo of it on Facebook and 114 Likes!!

I like to give a little love to our florist - they always do such a great job for us! Some of the great bouquets from September.

And a cute little vegan cake by VI Desserts!

I snapped this before a gorgeous sunset wedding on Trunk Bay for a couple visiting all the way from Greece (well, both are from Greece, he lives in Atlanta and she recently moved there to be with him!)

But this couple?! This is my favorite couple of the month! Why? Because she is an awesome freind of mine from college! Erin just visited this past week her with fiance and will return next May to be married at Sand Dollar Estate, St. Thomas. I can't wait!!

Not so simple centerpiece

If you are on Pinterest I have no doubt you have seen this photo - it's everywhere!! And I must have brides send this to me at least 3 or 4 times a month. I recently sent it to my florist to get an update on the cost and I mentioned to her how this is the centerpiece that just won't stop and she said this was the 4th request she had for it this week alone!! 

But I think this simple centerpiece is not as simple as it appears - it's deceiving, that centerpiece is lying to you!! First, the price tag. With the fresh sand (you can't use beach sand for this), the vase rental and the flowers (a peony is most likely going to be used here instead of the garden rose), delivery and set up, you're looking at $30 per vase. $30 for a centerpiece isn't bad, I agree. But that's where the photo is deceiving. This vase is really not all that large is size and would look very small on a table by itself. It should be used as an accent piece to a larger centerpiece. If you look closely at the photo, you can see there are two more of these vases in the background. You'll need to use a lot of them to make an impact on the table. Then the simple centerpiece idea starts to add up in price. 

 This centerpiece is a similar in it's soft romantic tones but has more impact and at less cost:

Monday, September 30, 2013

Changes in Payment Options

We have been doing a huge cleanup around here - our spring is way too busy so we like to call this "fall cleaning". We have a very exciting announcement to make by the end of this week but a "eh" announcement to make right now - not very exciting, but important.

During our fall cleaning, we evaluated our payment options that we have for clients. We found that we either need to raise our rates or we need to eliminate our transaction fees paid to credit card companies.We decided its not fair to raise rates on everyone when not everyone is paying with a credit card.

Since the change will take place for all weddings starting November 1st, we emailed all of our November and December couples directly to inform them of the changes so they could prepare. We also wanted to make an announcement here as well. Here is a copy of the email our November & December couples received, explaining the new Payment Options.
If you wish to pay by PayPal: We will only be able to accept PayPal transfers. We will not be able to accept payments via credit card with PayPal. Debit cards are ok, as well as eChecks.

If you wish to pay by Credit Card: For all credit card payments, you will be charged a 3% transaction fee.

Other payment methods:

Payments by checks must be received at least 14 days prior to your wedding date.

Cash, money orders and cashier's checks will be accepted at any time leading up to your wedding day. Everything must be paid in full by the start of the ceremony.