Friday, October 4, 2013

Something NEW!

Have you noticed the new website?!?!?! EEEKKKK!!! So excited that it launched last night!!

Click here to see it!

(If you still see the old site, you may need to refresh your page as the old site may be cached on your computer.)

What else is new? The packages!! If you are already booked with Island Bliss Weddings, you do not need to choose a new package. You do have your choice of keeping your package or switching to a new one.

The site still needs to be tweaked a bit - I'm going to add more albums to our gallery page for example (our Shutterfly page will remain active for now). It may take some time for our gallery page to be complete, as there is a lot to add! I'll also be adding additional information added on the new items such as the Island Bliss Wedding gift bag and rum cakes. I also haven't figured out yet how to updated the blog in the website so that it matches the content here. Learning new tricks...I've never been good at it. It's why I still have the iPhone4. :)

I'd love some feedback on the new site! What do you think of the new designs?!

And just because I hate posts without photos...

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