Sunday, March 28, 2010

Wedding Gifts

Did you and your husband/wife exchange gifts to each other on your wedding day? Do you plan to if you are engaged? There are two schools of people in this category - those that do and those that don't. Those that don't either don't know that this is something that they can do, or they know about it, but figure the honeymoon is their gift to each other, or saving the money for something else. Those that do, they're probably a lot like me and will look for any excuse to give each other a nice gift (or get a nice gift!).

I begged my husband over and over to tell me what he wanted as a wedding gift when we got married in May '05. He is in the school of thought that wedding presents aren't necessary. I was not. So I was very specific in what I wanted for myself! I reminded very subtly about 10 times a day that I thought this would be a perfect gift:

I stole this picture from an eBay seller - it's a horrible picture of a very beautiful Roberto Coin palm tree pendant. He knew if we were to start our married lives as happily ever after, he'd better have it! =) And he did, I was "so surprised" to get in on our wedding day. =) These are sold at Jewels here in St. Thomas and St. John - what a perfect thing for your groom to pick up while he is here, no need to hide it in the luggage! And if you are married between the infamous palm trees on Magen's Bay? Even more fitting!


Andre Nievo said...

I am like your husband, saying this thing but do differently. I think this is an attitude of men to surprise this a partner.

Anonymous said...

Hi Janelle. Chenoa here (bride from the pic). I wanted a palm tree necklace like that one for sooo long and wanted to wear it for the ceremony. I did find one similar AFTER the big day on the cruise ship! Go figure. I wear it all the time though to remind me of that day and trip. Thanks again for everything! You were wonderful.