Wednesday, January 16, 2013

DIY decorative jute balls

I had a bride recently that booked me for consultation only (did you know that was possible? If you don't need an onsite wedding planner for the ceremony & reception, we offer a discounted coordination fee!). This girl amazed me with all her DIY projects. She even left some items behind for me and I absolutely love these jute balls she made and am shocked that she made them! I asked my husband "aren't these amazing?!" and he says, "that's actually pretty easy to do". Well whatever! I know I couldn't do them and make them look this good!

St. John Weddings

I used two of them the other day to add a little "ump" to our aisle. They looked awesome with the palms and white shells:

St. Thomas Weddings

My bride shared the link where she found the DIY instructions and you can find it here.

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MaSpur said...

Your husband is actually right! :) They weren't too hard to make.. just takes time. For how easy they are to make, they are amazing when you put a few large flowers in them and hang them from the chair--I used a hydrangea, two roses, and a white spider and a piece of greenery. People were skeptical when they first saw them, but they turned out pretty nice! Thanks for the shout out Janelle!