Friday, October 19, 2012

Succulent Bouquets

Did I forget to blog this?? I just had a bride email and ask about a succulent bouquet and I thought "oh, where is that blog post I did on succulent bouquets? I'll send her the link..." and well, I couldn't find it! Maybe I forgot to blog it?! So here florist will have to forgive me as it's 10:30 at night after a long day so I just did a quick search through my library of photos to find some succulent bouquets we have had. If I find better pictures (after a good nights sleep), I'll be sure to post more.

Soft blues...

Vibrant colors...

The photos above were all from our florist. The photos below were recently shared by brides:

You know what the most awesome thing about using succulents in your bouquet? Pinch them off, throw them in water and they will continue to grow! They are hardy little buggers! You can even smuggle them back home on the plane and then when you get home, you'll have a living piece of your bouquet to keep forever (hopefully...unless you're like me and have killed every single plant you've ever owned). 

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