Sunday, November 8, 2009

It's catchy!

It caught on and on and on...

I just love this video that a client shared with me, highlighting her engagement! The happy couple sent the video out along with their Save The Date information and have a WHOPPING 100 guests coming with them on their wedding cruise. If you don't know already, 100 guests cruising with you for your wedding is IMPRESSIVE! At most, we normally have 30, no more than 40 guests when it comes to a cruise ship wedding. 100 is A LOT.

We're really looking forward to your wedding day next month - I know this crowd knows how to PARTY (the groom is a fireman and I think he's bringing his whole department with him....let's hope for no fires the first two weeks of December!!!).

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elisha orin said...

love how she is so excitd but half crying through all these photo!