Friday, July 24, 2009

Steel Pan on Trunk Bay, St. John

Mr. Carl Freeman does most of our steel pan on St. John. He is such a warm and friendly man, we just love working with him! I have a lot of brides that ask me what steel pan will sound like so I took this little video at our wedding last week. I have a little Flip Video Recorder and I don't think the sound came through very well. It is not as "ping-y" in person (and don't use that word, I have it trademarked). =)

Steel pan players often play a classical pan as the bride walks down the aisle and then something a little upbeat as they make their way back up the aisle (a little reggae mix). They play a wide range of songs and the uniqueness of the pan and it's roots in the Caribbean, I think, make it the perfect instrument for a beach wedding.


Shalimar said...

Awesome to see and hear! Thanks Janelle! Makes me excited to have him at our wedding! :)

Trunk bay beach said...

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