Sunday, November 27, 2011

Safe sealife place card holders

This idea is not new to me, I have seen brides do this before and it's always really pretty. But what surprised me when I opened up the box that the bride sent me was the fact that these are resin starfish and sand dollars. You may not know this, but real starfish? Smell crazy bad! And sand dollars? Uber fragile. They can chip like crazy. I loved these so much, I asked the bride where she found them and she got an amazing deal on them from Christmas Tree Shoppes. I tried looking for them online but with very little luck. If you happen to find them anywhere, please post in the comments below for other brides.

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Anonymous said...

My husband and I are starting to make resin starfish for weddings! You can purchase them through my Etsy shop Lolerica Creations by Erica.
If you don't see them listed, just write us a quick message on Etsy and we'll get back with you. :o)