Sunday, May 31, 2009

A Photographer's Wedding

My dear friend, EJ of Paradise Pictures, was married last Saturday at the St. Thomas Reformed Church. I was very honored to have EJ ask me to handle the day of coordination for him and his beautiful bride Ashlee. It was an absolutely beautiful ceremony in a gorgeous church setting.

The St. Thomas Reformed Church is located in the heart of Charlotte Amalie. After the ceremony, I took a few pictures of the surrounding architecture. I absolutely love these backdrops. Don't you think it could make for some excellent wedding photography?

And speaking of wedding photography, let me just say, there are a ton of cameras at a photographers wedding. I joked around that they wasted money on the videographer - with all the photos being taken, they could surely put a flip book together and it would play out just like a video!

Last photo courtesy of Sean McCoy & Bridget Gallaher

Congratulations Ashlee and Eric!

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Doreen said...

Hi What a treat for me to see this. I'm an old friend of Eric's, from Entre Nous days, and the artist of the artwork pictured, at the center of St Thomas Reformed Church. Great shot!!